The integration of our international pupils

We encourage and support any pupil wishing to take the final second level examination „Abitur“ in Bavaria. We have experienced an increased interest in pupils wishing to come and board with us during the last 15 years.

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We have pupils from Mexico, the former Soviet Union China, Bulgaria, France and Ireland. Some stay for a year learning the language end experiencing the German culture and way of life. More, have the intention of staying longer and hopefully passing the senior certificate and gaining entry into a German university or third level college. A specially organized individual plan is developed for both types of pupils supporting their linguistic aims and integration. 

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Despite the ever increasing demand we limit the places available for pupils of different linguistic backgrounds so as to facilitate and ensure the integration process into the home-group. From the beginning each international pupil is a full member of the home-group, experiencing the same daily routines and joining in all activities.