A typical day in Stein …

Our daily routine – we make the most of our time.

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06.30 am
Wake up call
07.00 am
07.40 am
Preschool preparation time in the classroom with the first period’s teacher
08.00 am
Classes begin
13.10 pm
Lunchtime, followed by assembly giving all important information needed
14.00 pm
Afternoon classes begin and extracurricular activities

15.30 pm
Small break
16.00 Uhr bis
18.00 pm
Senior grade independent study in their own rooms
18.30 pm
19.00 pm
More extracurricular activities or free time Lights-out times vary according to age and grade.

The daily routine and our code of conduct give a welcome structured rhythm to our pupil’s lives, which allows for more community spirit and a feeling of togetherness.

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