Going home

Getting ready for the weekend.

Going home at the weekend is also part of life here in the school.

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There are 3 types of weekends:

1. The regular weekends which begin on Saturday at 10 am after class. Pupils are free to go home or stay and take part in different activities arranged for and by them. Sport and cultural events are favored with the possibility of skiing in the near ski-resorts of Salzburg in winter.

2. The group/communal weekends are obligatory for all pupils. These are themed weekends that take place throughout the school year. For example the treasure hunt at the beginning of the year and our Christmas market in December in aid of local charities.

3. The “home” weekends are weekends which start at 1pm on Fridays allowing pupils who live further away the chance to travel home. International pupils can stay in the school and avail of the activities on offer.

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A shuttle bus leaves Stein every Saturday (or Friday on special weekends) and takes the pupils to the main train station in Munich city. This bus also collects the pupils there again in Sunday evening and brings them back to the school.