Code of conduct and basic principles.

Dear pupils, on the surface a code is nothing more than an empty principle and has therefore no bearing on real life.

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If principles are adhered to for their own sake, life is left cold and empty. Codes of conduct and principles have to be a means to an end only. They should only have a subordinate function in our lives. Our principles and regulations in Stein are a means of living together with a common goal. We are interested in each other and connected through respect and empathy.

Empathy and tolerance but also honesty and the ability to accept positive critic are essential parts of healthy communal living. However, such a lively body of trust, care and responsibility needs a stable framework as an orientation.

These guidelines contain basic principles and rules which must be kept for all our sakes, however pupils are invited to become active and help form Stein themselves. So, how interesting life in Stein is, depends on you and your commitment to our community.

Heimordnung (PDF)
Allgemeine Grundsätze (PDF)

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